Supplying traditional safety footwear to people with wide feet has always been an issue. Invariably these wearers are faced working in poor fitting footwear in both comfort and sizing.

That has all changed with the release of WIDE LOAD®, extra wide, extra depth safety footwear.

WIDE LOAD® styles are designed and developed in collaboration with leading orthopaedic/custom made shoemakers and podiatrists . They have quickly become the benchmark brand in catering for wide and/or challenging feet.

Possessing a  6E fitting profile, and an additional 8mm of volume of forefoot girth, WIDE LOAD® is proud to be the footwear solution for thousands of wearers.



    Wearer Assurance & Fit for Purpose

    WIDE LOAD® styles culminate to provide the wearer confidence that they are purchasing safety footwear that is:

    • Fit for purpose
    • The correct size (no need to go bigger), mitigating hazards in the workplace
    • Offers foot and lower leg comfort and support
    • Robust and durable in design and construction
    • A genuine quality solution

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